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Renegade Lingerie is the premier custom foundation wear business in the Chicago & Milwaukee area.

Run by a certified professional bra maker, Renegade Lingerie sets out to cure the common bra (and the common swimsuits and underwear, of course).

Though beautiful bras are readily available everywhere, it's the rare bra that fits the wearer, leaving too many people walking around wearing something with a barely adequate fit. Bodies are not "one size fits all," so neither are our garments. Bodies are not even "twenty-four sizes fit all!" No one in our diverse and beautiful population should feel like their bodies make it impossible for them to find the clothing they need.

If you're looking for plus size bras, mastectomy bras, wedding lingerie, high quality corsets, well fitting swimsuits, or anything else that you only wish you could find in the store, you've come to the right place.

What you’re going to find here

Custom made items created specifically for your body, needs, and style. Whether for everyday, special occasions, sports, or post-surgical needs, your garment will be designed specifically to suit you. For example:

  • Pretty plus size bras
  • Swimsuit shopping without tears
  • Comfortable custom corsets
  • Bridal lingerie that will work with your gown
  • Mastectomy bras, swimsuits, and prostheses
  • Special closure custom bras for people with limited mobility
  • Bras and swimsuits for people with two different breast sizes
  • Custom binders and packing harnesses for female-to-male-spectrum transgender people

A friendly and respectful atmosphere.


What you’re not going to find here

Assumptions about your body size.

Assumptions about your gender.

Assumptions about your style.

An impersonal tone and pitch. That's not how Renegade operates. We're here to interact with and serve clients on a personal, individualized level.








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